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YAI Certification for Schools & Teachers

On the National and international levels, Yoga is a self-regulated practice. Many certifying bodies such as YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL, THE BRITISH WHEEL OF YOGA and THE YOGA REGISTER work toward a standard of excellence in teacher knowledge, ethics and safety.

Liability insurance companies look favourably upon policy holders who are qualified in the field in which they provide services, and Yoga is not an exception. The general perception is that a credentialed policy holder, is professional, experienced, mature and the odds of claims are reduced.

Purpose of Certification

For individuals

The purpose of the Yoga teacher certification is to make sure that instructors have an excellent knowledge of all Yogic aspects and safety issues. Yoga teachers should be certified for their own protection. With liability law suits being so popular these days, it is wise to have a Yoga teacher’s diploma on the wall. Yoga is not considered to be as dangerous as some of the other activities in health clubs, but some Yoga classes can be surprisingly vigorous, to say the least.

YAI’s Certification is recognised by Yoga Organisations worldwide. YAI Certified individuals will be able to teach anywhere in the world confidently. Details of YAI certified teachers will be available on YAI web-sites.

Note that YAI certificates for individuals are issued by YAI, and carry signatures of both YAI functionaries and that of the Head of the certified School. Certificates that do not carry signatures of YAI functionaries but are issued directly by the certified school are not valid YAI certificates.

For Yoga Schools
The purpose of the Certification for Yoga schools is to ensure that the TTC programs offered by these Institutions meet, at the very minimum, the standards set out by YAI on this site. YAI-certified schools are entitled to deliver YAI-certified TTC programs, and candidates completing these TTC programs are automatically entitled to YAI certification.

YAI Certification will enable Schools to conduct TTC at the 200 hrs and 500 hrs Levels. In addition, they will be permitted to use our logo in advertising and promotional materials. Details of their programs will be available on YAI sites.

Certification Process

For individual Candidates who complete a TTC from a YAI-certified school

Such candidates are automatically eligible for YAI certification. They can obtain these Certificates from their schools on payment of a nominal fee to their school.

For Established Teachers Certification without formal Qualifications (Special Consideration)

If you have substantial Yoga teaching experience (at least 10 years) and Yoga studies, with an essential strong knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, a firm grasp of the philosophy that underpins your practice and your teaching and wish to obtain  YAI Certification, please contact us as we look at your case under Special Consideration category. Please note that the process for this type of application is long, complex and not always successful as we have very strict rules in place in order to maintain high standard of safety and quality teaching for all Yoga students and Yoga enthusiasts from around the world. For prerequisites and more in depth information, please read/download the application form for YAI’s Certification for Individuals and Special Consideration Category here.

For schools

To be considered for YAI Certification, institutions are required to fill up an application form, and pay the applicable fees. The process is long, complex and involves the payment of fees.

Yoga Alliance International is one of the very few organizations that charges a ONE TIME ONLY FEE for Teachers and Schools Certification. This means NO more annual renewal Fees.

YAI Standards

Yoga Alliance International standards are intended to regulate the Yoga Industry and support the integrity of a Registered Yoga Teacher or a Registered Yoga School. Yoga Alliance International registers yoga teachers from all traditions and styles and yoga schools whose teacher training programs (200 hour-500 hour) meet the standards outlined below.
Yoga Alliance International Registry provides worldwide recognition of teachers knowledge, training and experience. Employers feel confident hiring a yoga professional knowing that your training meets our standards.
A Yoga Alliance International registered teacher or registered school, may use the acronym YAI-RYT (Yoga Alliance International Registered Yoga Teacher or School) after their name and can use our logo.